Over the last week we have seen a few videos that we have featured here on FCP.co pulled from the two big video sites. Removed for different reasons, but users should remember you are broadcasting to the world.


We've been patiently waiting for it but it is finally out, the next OS after Snow Leopard, Lion


From today videos can be tagged with a Creative Commons licence. Does this mean YouTube becomes a free stock footage library?


So you want to do some live multicamera switching on location? As long as you've got wifi and four friends with iPhones or iPads then Collabracam makes it easy. We know the FCP question that will follow!

GoPro are used to riding waves, well they made them by purchasing CineForm, and here's a great tutorial of their new software bundle at work, providing a superb visualisation of how to fix convergence. Will we see this 'more iMovie' than Firstlight GUI/engine power Neo3D for FCP?

We have had a look at immersive video environments here before at FCP.co, but we didn't expect to find an iPhone recording 360 degrees! The GoPano micro just clips onto your phone and enables you to record your whole surroundings so you can do the panning after the movie has been shot.


At the moment this is designed to process the very bad amateur handycam footage online. The before and after processing videos are worth a watch though.

It is a slow news day here at FCP.co towers and the small 'newsworthyness' of this story puts it a few shots above the cut. Just before you dismiss it entirely though, they used some cool camera rigs to film because let's face it, if you thought the filming ergonomics of a 5D are bad...


***Updated with embedded event video***

So no news from Apple about Final Cut Pro at the iPad2 event. However Randy Ubillos who headed up the team that gave birth to Final Cut over 10 years ago, was on stage to talk about iMovie. Is there anything we can learn?


We all got a bit excited when we saw this free App from the VFX tracking experts The Pixel Farm. More info & download links after the break.