Another card gets launched today, this time the beefy $1,199 NVIDIA Quadro 4000 GPU. With FCP, Motion & FxPlug plugins using the GPU, more GPU power means faster renders. There are speed references with FCP mentioned on their site, but be warned this model will not fit some old MacPro's.


AJA have released updated version 8.1 KONA software which has added 3D video controls to the KONA 3G’s Control Panel software interface. 

Many performance problems resolved and lots of enhancements in this new upgrade. To find out what, read on.

street of milano iphone 5s

It's normally not very long after a new DSLR or large sensor camera gets released that somebody makes a short film that gets posted everywhere. This is going to be the same, but the camera is the new iPhone 5s.

photoshop touch phone2

And you thought your first $4.99 spend of today would be a sandwich at lunchtime! Possibly not as everybody in the FCP.co office this morning has been busy downloading the new Photoshop Touch app onto their phones. It's going to be popular.

vivoom genarts

No it's not the first of April, plugin behemoth GenArts' new venture aims to give consumers access to a cloud based 'looks & VFX package' via their mobile phone or social media websites. Are we on the brink of cat videos with Sapphire?

vimeo down

A frustrating day. We have two stories to publish and yes they both feature Vimeo videos. As the Vimeo webpages are currently down and now embedded videos don't work, we wonder how reliant we are on video hosting sites.

the edit button

Editing just won't be the same now that The Edit Button has been released. Automate your editing with this very simple GUI based editor, or maybe is this automation gone too far?


Apple today previewed Mountain Lion, the new version of the Mac operating system. If you're not a developer you are going to have to wait until the end of the summer for the new cat to arrive.


A quick reaction from Avid to the release of FCPX 10.0.3 - they have launched Avid for the iPad! Yes could this be Avid's sign of moving into the iMovie/FCPX market?