Chris Hocking demoed his BRAW Toolbox live on Ripple Training's YouTube channel. Worth a watch to see how this new tool adds a much requested feature to Final Cut Pro.

Final Cut Pro is fast, but you can probably still work faster. While there are many, many shortcuts to learn, I’ve found that the best shortcuts are the ones you can hit with a single hand, and ideally, with a single key, without any modifiers at all.

Better Vignette in Final Cut Pro

How to achieve a much better looking vignette in Final Cut Pro.

Nick Harauz publishes the recent live presentation from Boris FX that focused on Final Cut Pro.

A new video from Apple on how to move a Final Cut Pro Library to an external drive.

In this new video from the 2021 FCP Global Summit, Cirina Catania runs through the steps of how to get your FCPX cut into other NLEs.

Want to animate lines with icons in Final Cut Pro but don't have Motion? Ben Halsall has the answer.

Mark is back with a new MacBreak Studio and this time it's all about holding keys down.

In this new tutorial from Ben Halsall, he goes right back to basics and shows us how to start a Library in Final Cut Pro.

Tristan Nebel shows how to turn a drone shot in summer to look like winter with Final Cut Pro.

In this Final Cut Pro Tutorial, I show you how you can easily create the animated coming up element that we see in videos from Dude Perfect without any plugins required.


In these two tutorials, David Shanhun runs through his process of mixing audio within Final Cut Pro.

The second of the tutorials on the new object tracker in Final Cut Pro 10.6 has been released. this time from MotionVFX.