As FCP gets more & more of a hold in the post-production industry, the requirement for 'interoperability' with other editing systems (OK Avid) is bound to grow. Marquis have launched a box that will help bridge the gap.


There will be many products released soon that feature Thunderbolt, but LaCie has got in there first. Take a look at the tiny "Little Big Disk" 500GB of SSD.

This is the latest really cool FCP app for the iPhone which also scales for iPad. There is a version for iPad on its way. Really instructive video tutorial from Taz Goldstein and Steve Martin. The audio is out of sync, but loads of great details. We love adding markers, subclipping, labels and names and all for just $2.99! All the links you need after the break. *UPDATE* We have replaced the video with a corrected version.  


Sony have announced today their new reference-grade BVM-E Series – in 25- and 17-inch sizes – incorporate groundbreaking processing and imaging capabilities designed to give a true replacement for CRT in critical evaluation applications. However there is a drawback, although there's no price so far, they surely won't be for the budget conscious! After all the L231 retails at $21,500. Only expect these displays in high-end grading suites. More details after the break.

Another brilliant and helpful review from our old friend Philip Johnston over at HD Warrior. This time he's looked at the Panasonic AG-AF101. It's twenty minutes long and well worth the watch. All the camera spec after the break.

Active Storage have come up with a Metadata controller that looks like the now defunct Xserve. They're very proud of their new baby especially its ''out of the box'' readiness. 


Active Storage are teasing us with this countdown to Monday where a machine to replace the EOL'd Apple XServe might be announced. They have a pretty good track record too..


Ever wondered which card is better out of these two beasts? Well we've found a guy who tested these monsters to the max.


The ARRI ALEXA is a very cool camera. Out of our budget range at the moment but we can still dream. And that dream becomes very real if you want to get an idea how it operates as ARRI have come out with the ALEXA Camera Simulator (ACS-1).


Good news for all those DaVinci fans out there. Blackmagic Design has certified Cubix's GPU-Xpander Desktop for use with DaVinci Resolve for Mac v7.1!