This has to be a great deal. Our friends at Toolfarm are offering a set of 36 Digital Juice templates for Final Cut Pro and Motion for just $249.95. We will do the maths for you, that's about $7 each! Checkout the slick demo video after the break.


CrumplePop are back and they've made it Formal. We loved their Crafty and Luminex collections, so when we found out that they'd released a load of wedding templates and backgrounds to help edit that perfect wedding video. We had to check it out.


You gotta love the Drobo, here at fcp.co towers were big fans, regularly backing up all of our fcp.co stuff onto one, so when we saw this story, we knew we had to share it with the world. You just can't beat free.


There are many iPad clapperboard apps out there, this one is different and certainly the coolest. For $200 you not only get the application but you also get your own chevron painted sticks on an iPad case to clap with.


Want to share that H264 you've just finished editing with a client but don't want to publish on YouTube or upload to MobileMe? Pogoplug Video might be the answer, they've just teamed up with Sony too for instant AVCHD file streaming.

lumineux light leaks crumplepop

We've covered a variety of light leak effects here from the free downloads right up to a hard disk full of 4K flashes, scratches and flares. CrumplePop have joined in with a package of over 43 1080p styles for $69.


How about a free pack of film burns for that authentic light leak look? Digital Cinema Foundry have posted some custom made clips for download.


Wow, some big price cuts on the Neo workflow packages, the big 3D pack looks like it is now nearly a third of the original price. GoPro are definitely trying to make their mark in the world of 3D editing.


With all the anticipation and news surrounding the announcement of FCPX, some of the other news got a little overshadowed. At NAB G-Technology announced that later this year they will launch drives with Thunderbolt ports.


We were waiting here yesterday for a large press release from AJA detailing a whole new line of products and it didn't really happen. What is the tribble trouble with AJA?