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You gotta love the Drobo, here at fcp.co towers were big fans, regularly backing up all of our fcp.co stuff onto one, so when we saw this story, we knew we had to share it with the world. You just can't beat free.

The very nice people at Drobo are giving away 100 of these little beauties, that's right. 100 Drobos. Enough Drobo storage for your local school district or a national charitable organization. They want to give away 100 Drobos to someone who can put them to the best use - improving schools, addressing hunger, fostering the arts.

But their generosity doesn't just stop there, in fact they'll also give away 10 Drobos to submitters and one Drobo every day of the contest to a randomly selected voter. So our advice is get submitting and start voting!

So what do you have to do to win 100 Drobos for your cause? Just convice the Drobo community that your cause is worthy. Here are the steps to follow. Link dead as competition has finished

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