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We think we'll look back and see the introduction of Thunderbolt as a bit of a watershed. Today AJA Video Systems announced the io XT, a portable I/O video 7 audio capture box. We sat down with Tony Cacciarelli who took us through all the new products and updates for IBC 2011.


You might have noticed a slowdown on the site recently, this is because every day we get more and more new traffic and our old creaky server 'Cannot handle it anymore Captain.'  So over the next few days we are upgrading (again) our hosting hardware to handle the traffic. We have grown far quicker than we expected, so a big thank you to you all out there for making us the destination for everything FCPX and of course Final Cut Pro. In the meantime, sorry if we go offline or things run slower than they should.


When the iPhone version of this storyboard creation app was launched, we thought it was pretty cool but maybe the size of the iPhone made everything a bit fiddly to work. Now Cinemek have released a version that also works on the iPad which gives the app a new lease of life with the extra real estate.

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