Time for Steve, Mark and RipppleLIVE episode number 27. An hour and a half of Apple Pro Apps tips!

Iain Anderson takes another look at iMovie - Is it a gateway app, Final Cut Pro lite, or more?

In this latest episode of the OWCRadio podcast, Cirina Catania talks to Paul Matthijs, CEO of Hedge.

In the third installment of our series on Remote Collaboration, I spoke with Paul Matthijs, CEO of Hedge. Their solutions, Hedge (for multiple, check-sum backups), and Postlab (remote editors dream solution), are chugging away every day on our end to help us manage multiple copies of our data and communicate edits with our crew.

Whether you are producing media for distribution to networks such as Netflix, managing media files for independent projects, or even just keeping your hard drives protected with organized backups, you'll want to know more about this.

For more about Postlab, see our previous interview with Isaac Terronez.

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Multi-stage colour correcting of S-Log3 footage in Final Cut Pro.

In this video from the 2020 FCPX Global Virtual Summit, Bijan Machen presents the We Uplift The World Foundation.

Six years ago, my producing partner Lilit Pilikian and I set out to make a documentary called “100 Years from Home” about the lasting impact of a genocide that nearly annihilated a people.

Want to know all the major shortcuts for Final Cut Pro in 15 minutes?

How Final Cut Pro is helping viewers come along for the ride in the cockpits of YouTuber's private jet flights.

If ever there was a candidate for a new audio plugin for Final Cut Pro, this should be it. Removing vocals from music or mixed soundtracks with a few clicks.

Updates to all of the Pro video Apps today -Motion looks the most interesting with a new Auto-Shrink option in text layouts.