3D is the big growth area in the post-production world, and Senior Applications Editor at Key Code Media, Michael Kammes has done an excellent job of giving us the pros and cons of the top two editing platforms in the pro market.

After comparing and contrasting across six different criteria: cost, quality, workflow, speed, flexibility and location it seems that Final Cut Pro is tipping the scales as weapon of choice for the 3D world.

Discussing the points in Michael's article: Presenting 3D in Avid & FCP Workflows at the Createasphere 3D Workshop: Burbank, Ca. November 2010

The cool new iTunes style slideshow generator for FCP, Motion and After Effects.

Take a look. No on second thoughts, just download it straight away, it's free!

Surely this old piece of NLE operation is old news? Or has Apple got a more advanced plan using this patent? Could the new Apple data centre, the new iMovie and a new MobileMe account be the first inroads into cloud editing?