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3D is the big growth area in the post-production world, and Senior Applications Editor at Key Code Media, Michael Kammes has done an excellent job of giving us the pros and cons of the top two editing platforms in the pro market.

After comparing and contrasting across six different criteria: cost, quality, workflow, speed, flexibility and location it seems that Final Cut Pro is tipping the scales as weapon of choice for the 3D world.

Discussing the points in Michael's article: Presenting 3D in Avid & FCP Workflows at the Createasphere 3D Workshop: Burbank, Ca. November 2010

Apart from the bottom end of the market, FCP won on cost; on quality for up to 2K resolution; on speed and on flexibility it was clearly ahead. Workflow was a toss-up between the two platforms.

In fact the only category where Avid was an obvious winner was in location, because Hollywood remains a predominantly Avid town. So big budget features which are driving the high end of the market are using Avid, but downsize the production, move away from Los Angeles, and the chances are that FCP will be being used, so even when it comes to location, only big money makes Avid a clear winner.

But if you really want to understand what's what, the best thing is to look at Michael's article.

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