The guys at Red Giant are getting into the holiday swing with a great 40% off deal.


FCP guru Larry Jordan shows us how to add some groove to our title sequences without going via Motion. All thanks to Boris FX.


How could we possibly miss the chance to show Beyonce working FCP? She complains it is all a bit complicated, but they could have at least bought her a dedicated keyboard. Video after the break.


Another Apple patent this time in the video field. Custom themes and dropzone usage when making DVDs gets wrapped up in 'Creating a theme used by an authoring application to produce a multimedia presentation'


Steve Cohen, A.C.E, one of the Hollywood pioneers in ushering in the digital age, talks to Hollywood Reinvented about the evolution of non-linear editing. 


vWave-Lite allows you to control Color as distributed in Final Cut Studio.


Normally if you think Martini, and work in Film or TV, in the words of 007 you'll want it shaken and not stirred. Well this cool app helps you shake the gap between what has and hasn't been shot and stirs up your FCP timeline.


A big claim from the manufacturer, Apricorn. Comparisons, specifications and even an installation video on how to get this monster PCIe card into your Mac after the break.


Recently Apple's CEO Steve Jobs detailed some new attributes coming with OS X Lion. What Jobs didn't reveal was "scrollable menus and toolbars" which Patently Apple discovered, came to light  in a new European patent filing. 

Update: ''1-6_Right-Project'' - the project name was from the FCP6 demo material we're informed by reliable source.

We won't ruin the fun, but shouldn't all tutorials be as dangerous?