FCP guru Larry Jordan has been busy again. He's created 68 new micro-tutorials. Each runs less than four minutes, so you can quickly get the answers you need to your common Final Cut questions. These are the results of a recent Webinar he hosted, chopped down into nice bite size chunks. A few hand-picked ones after the break. 


Noah Kadner is a prominent guy in the FCP community and  has a wicked sense of humour. The videos for his HD Survival Guide for FCP are now on sale. Find out more after the break.

A brand new plugin from the people who bought you Motype and Nodes. Yanobox today released 'Barcode' a free generator for Final Cut Pro, Motion, After Effects and Final Cut Express which lets you generate and animate EAN 13 barcodes, with unique and unexpected results. (Updated 15/2/11 Tutorial posted)


Today we spotted an editor on Twitter complaining that there wasn't a heart wipe built into FCP. The good news is that there is one, hard to find, but there is one. If you really have to use one find out where it lives after the break.


Well we had to do a bit of a double take when we saw this. For $39.99 you can download this app from the Mac App Store today and use New York stock footage immediately. Disruptive distribution? I'm impressed.


When the Oscars hit on Feb 27th, Apple may not go on stage to receive an award but it will be well represented by award winners. In the Documentary Feature and Short categories 9 out of 10 of this year's nominees used Final Cut Studio in making their films.


What started off as a quick link to a blog, ended up with some detective work to find the new range of software control surfaces for FCP.


One would imagine that this would be the way of isolating and removing background noise or hum via interaction with a graphical display.


Here's a whole bundle of free plugins from CoreMelt.


If you want some comprehensive FCP beginners tutorials, then check out this very handy resource from the Knight Digital Media Center at the Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism.