A whole day of free presentations aimed at people who use Apple products to make videos? Can't be bad!

There are many ways to organise media in Final Cut Pro, Serge takes a look at few techniques.

If you are mixing audio for delivery using your NLE, you need to not only monitor levels, but also check the loudness of the entire programme. Oliver Peters explains levels, loudness and LUFs.


No direct YouTube export in Final Cut Pro? Serge shows you how to configure the best YouTube export settings in FCP and Compressor.

In this new tutorial, Jenn looks at keyframing in Final Cut Pro and Apple's Motion

CoreMelt has just released a new Final Cut Pro plugin- StyleX: Grunge, powered by machine learning.

How do you shoot ProRes RAW and then control the ISO and white balance afterwards when editing in Final Cut Pro?

One of the things that can confuse beginners is the Magnetic Timeline in Final Cut Pro. This tutorial should help!

What happens when a Hollywood editor uses Final Cut Pro to cut a film for the first time? Here's part two of the journey.

Time for Steve, Mark and RipppleLIVE episode number 27. An hour and a half of Apple Pro Apps tips!