Professor Simon Holland runs through the editing kit he uses making videos for his popular YouTube channel.

Tired of having to load each LUT to see what the effect will be on your footage? Color Finale LUTs collates and previews your LUTs for you.

Watch how Daniel Schiffer makes a demo smoothie commercial in Final Cut Pro from a very simple beginning. 

This week I take a look at different ways you can use the Position Tool in Final Cut Pro. 

This has to be tip of the week. A great free resource for making graphics for videos with a few clicks.

Hi, I am Alex, I am an editor and a software developer and recently I released this macOS app, FCP Diet 2.

Work a remote machine running Final Cut Pro or share your live edit session with Splashtop.

A new audio plugin from zplane allows you to remove frequencies in the stereo image by just drawing a box around them.

This time we are going to look a the various options when using the Image Mask effect in Final Cut Pro.

Have you been put off by transcription services uploading your sensitive data to the cloud? Now you can stay local with Simon Says On-Prem.