Issac T from Hedge talks to Cirina Catania about Postlab Drive, the 'Cloud NAS' remote collaboartive editing solution.

In the second interview for our series on remote collaboration, I, talk with Isaac Terronez (Isaac T), the US Workflow Architect for Postlab, a robust solution that allows teams to work remotely using proxy files. Postlab via its parent company, Hedge, is one of the prominent solutions to the ever-elusive search for a seamless remote collaboration platform, eliminating the need for XML transfers and allaying our fears concerning versions.

Isaac has worked in and around post-production environments for over 20 years and was a principal Contributor to Frame.io’s Workflow Guide, and a Featured Speaker at the 2020 FCPX Global Virtual Summit.


Editor: Hedge has also added a very handy series of workflow checklists to get you up and running with Postlab Drive. You'll find versions for Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro and Media Composer here.


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Cirina Catania, CEO of Catania Studios, an international film company, is one of the co-founders and former director of the Sundance Film Festival and former Vice President of Worldwide Marketing at MGM-UA and United Artists.

She is a tech evangelist, futurist, and hosts podcasts in her spare time! (OWC RADiO at OWCRADiO.com and the Oh!Zone on USTimes.biz)  Cirina is a partner in Lumberjack System, offering creative and time-saving solutions to video editors and producers, as well as Tech Evangelist for companies such as Blackmagic Design, etc. 

Cirina is a long-time member of the Producers Guild, Writers Guild, IATSE Cinematographers Guild, the National Press Club, National Press Photographer’s Association, and more.

She has worked as a writer, director, supervising producer, cinematographer, post-producer, or marketing exec on over 150 film, television and new media projects for the big screen as well as for networks such as National Geographic and Discovery.

She is the director of “Kionte’s Storey,” a feature doc currently in post-production after five years of filming an athletic and charismatic wounded warrior in his travels pursuing his dreams.

Cirina is based in San Diego, D.C. and Berlin when she is not on the road filming in the Amazon or other exotic locations. She is very proud of the fact that she has not yet contracted Malaria and that after all these years, she still loves her job!

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