rio flare apple motion

When Anders Utterstrom watched the opening ceremony of the 2016 Olympics from Rio, he had an idea. Could he recreate the Anthony Howe kinetic sculpture that accompanied the flame? Time to start experimenting with Apple's Morion and 3D objects!

animating textures fcpx

Want moving textures in Final Cut Pro X? Plugin building expert Fox Mahoney shows us how to construct a moving water texture in Motion and publish it to FCPX. Great knowledge that will extend the capabilities of 3D text even further. Link to the free finished moving water texture generator plugin also included!

FoxM 3D beyond banner

In this latest tutorial from Motion guru Fox Mahoney, he takes a deep look into the advanced 3D features using fonts in the application. This is pushing Motion's 3D capabilities to the limit.

motion 5 1 1 MBS

You might have guessed that there aren't that many as Motion hasn't really had a good update since the launch of FCPX. The MacBreak Studio guys explore...

mbs mobject

In this week's new episode of MacBreak Studio, the guys take a look at building 3D objects in Motion using mObject. They have also announced a live round table chat this Thursday featuring some well known FCPX experts.

suiter motion webpage 3d camera

It's been a week of tutorials here on FCP.co and we thought that we would end it with a great Motion demo from Doug Suiter. Want to fly around a webpage? Now you can.

macbreak studio 258

In this week's episode of MacBreak Studio, we leave Final Cut Pro X this time and return to Motion. We also start right back at the basics by building a simple graphic from scratch.

ripple motion new tutorial

Hot on the heels of their new creative editing lessons, Ripple Training has just published a new 'Getting Started with Motion 5' set of tutorials. They are also offering 25% off until March the 3rd on this product as well.

MBS motion dance text

Following on from the last Motion tutorial where we explored behaviours with text, this week it's time to animate text to music.

wrapping text Motion macbreak

In a very quiet week for FCPX news, it's good to see the MacBreak boys continuing to release tutorials. This time they wrangle text around an object.

random text motion Macbreak studio

Better late than never. Not even out of timezone communications and the search for a stable wifi connection can stop us publishing this week's MacBreak Studio. It's all about text animations in Motion5.

Motion Timesaver tutorials

If you're a fan of Motion then you are in for a treat. Andy Neil has published some of his full length tutorials on YouTube. This means of course that you get his great in-depth instruction on building graphics for free!

MacBreak particle dance Motion

Maybe this week's episode of MacBreak Studio should be titled 'Making particles dance in Motion with Steve Martin!' A great tutorial showing the power of emitters and behaviours.