macbreak motion keyframe

Motion as a graphics tool is very powerful when using behaviors, but there are times when objects need to be keyframed. This new episode of MacBreak Studio is all about keyframing.

linking motion macbreak studio

In this new episode of MacBreak Studio, our regular team of Steve Martin and Mark Spencer demonstrate coupling item controls together using the link parameter behavior. Especially handy when publishing parameters to Final Cut Pro X.

growing vines motion

Now we are not going to take full credit for Mark & Steve making a tutorial on growing vines, but people did ask for exactly that in our comments section a while ago. So read on if you want to find out how to make your virtual vineyard grow, you asked for it!

fixed resolution in motion

Motion by default will have fixed resolution toggled on for objects that get imported into the Media Browser. But when should you turn this option off and when is it beneficial to leave it set to fixed?

scoreboard motion macbreak studio

The guys from MacBreak Studio are back and this time they are doing requests. A move on from the normal show & tell, in this episode they build a scoreboard in Motion 5

ripple action credits

The latest $29.99 tutorial from Ripple Training is for filmmakers who want to build impressive looking end credits in Motion 5. So if your next production needs a Tarantino style credit section, this could be for you. Coupon code included.

macbreak studio 174 shapes masks apple motion

We're sure this new short tutorial from the MacBreak Studio guys will open a lot of creative possibilities by showing readers how to use shapes and masks and their conversion in Motion.

macbreak studio 172 brushes fcpx

There's a lot more to Motion than just building tiltles for FCPX. In this new episode of MacBreak Studio, Mark Spencer and Steve Martin build custom brushes to paint with.

animating road macbreak studio 170 motion fcpx

Mark Spencer and Steve Martin return with another edition of MacBreak Studio, this time they take Motion 5 for a spin.


The tracker in Motion is good, but there are times when it just can't cope with a complex move. In this new episode of Macbreak Studio, the third party planar tracking application Mocha comes to the rescue.


Edgar Rothermich's graphically enhanced manuals for Final Cut Pro X and Compressor have been hugely successful. He's now published a Motion5 manual that uses his graphic way of illustrating how an app works.


The boys at MacBreak Studio don't half crack out the tutorials at an impressive rate. This time they take a look at the creative rigging possibilities in Motion.


We would say these guys are hot foot from their busy classes at NAB, but we suspect they batch record the popular MacBreak Studio episodes well in advance. More on using the camera in Motion 5.