Another MacBreak Studio and this time the duo of Mark Spencer and Steve Martin embark on the first leg of a three part journey to discover more about Motion's camera.


Hot off the press, or should we say hot out of ScreenFlow, Ripple Training has launched their latest Motion tutorial. Coupon code included!


Ripple Training have just published their latest tutorial, this time Mark Spencer takes on replicators in Motion5. A 15% off coupon code for FCP.co readers too!


Mark Spencer and Steve Martin once again give us some tips, this time they are in Motion5 exploring particles, not on the blackjack tables at NAB!


This came in right as we were closing the door on the FCP.co campus for the holiday break. There are some good tips in this edition of MacBreak Studio about particles.


Ripple Training have added to their library of tutorials by launching a $49 2 hour course on mastering particles in Motion 5. They have also published a special 15% discount coupon for anything from their site.


How many Final Cut Pro X editors haven't used or even installed Motion5? Well if you are one of them then this episode of Macbreak Studio is a good place to start to understand the creative possibilities the app could bring.


A popular effect that's often requested, VU meters that move in sync with the audio track. Here's a good tutorial showing how that's achieved using the audio and quantize parameter behaviors.


So you like using FCPX, but want to use a project from the previous version of Motion. No problem, Mark Spencer shows us how to get Motion4 projects into Final Cut Pro X.


The new rigging feature in Motion5 gives huge power to those who want to build their own effects for Final Cut Pro X. Andy Neil gives us a lesson on building an effect using widgets & rigs.


A few of us editors met up in London for a grande cafe latte and ended up talking motion graphics and how to add a bit polish to boring shots, products, text e.t.c. The general consensus was that you can't go wrong with lens flares, clients just love them!


One of the frustrations of publishing Master Templates from Motion 4 to FCP7 was the fact that dropzones and text entry/tracking were the only controls that transferred between the apps. With Motion 5 and FCPX that's all changed, welcome to rig building.

What with the Easter Holidays happening after the big SuperMeet announcement, there hasn't been much FCP news out there. This gives us an ideal opportunity to feature another training company publishing FCS3 YouTube tutorials.