Time for a new tutorial from Steve Martin, this time he's modifying an Apple Motion template.

In this new tutorial from Jenn. Jager, she animates customer logos in Apple's Motion.

In this new Motion tutorial, Jenn Jager shows us how to make text pop out or emerge from a background.

In the follow-up to the first Apple Motion tutorial on rain, Simon Ubsdell builds a realistic rainy scene.

Learn how to build lower thirds in Apple's Motion and publish them to Final Cut Pro.

Dylan Bates AKA The Final Cut Bro takes us on a 40 minute introductory tour of Apple's Motion.

We have all had that red 'T" onscreen at some point in Final Cut Pro. Here's a quick and easy fix.

CSV to Motn is an app for creating videos out of data from a CSV file. The app uses data from a CSV file and turns it into motn files, these can then be rendered with either Compressor or a droplet from Compressor. 

Use Apple's Motion to make an item appear onscreen as if it was being revealed by a travelling series of ink blots.

When Jordan Smith needed to constantly reframe a conference speaker that had been shot in UHD, he made himself a simple 1080 Motion project to speed up the process. 

Fly through an asteroid field in space? Hard to build in Motion? Not when you can replicate and then spin 3D models.

Simple answer was up until today, no. This late discovery unlocks yet more power in Motion for the building of plugins for Final Cut Pro X.

Fox Mahoney has published some excellent Motion tutorials here on FCP.co. This time, he really takes the tools in Motion to a new level with this experiment in building custom behaviors. We learnt a lot.