So you can work the kit, but can you work with clients? Having many years of facility editing under our belts, we would say they are both just as important. Many editors can do the former, not everyone can do the latter.


Chris Culp decided to film himself editing on Final Cut Pro and then compress that down into a one minute video. It made us think of two things. 1: Editors don't move much during the day and 2: There are many different ways to control FCP. What's yours?


Everybody loves plugins within Final Cut Pro, there are now hundreds to buy or download free in the FCP 'Ecosystem.' With the radically new FCPX less than a month away, what is going to happen to your favourite FXScript plugins?


It's not an FCPX tutorial, but it's not far off. Nice to see somebody who knows iMovie talk well about its relationship to FCPX.


There are built in tools for tracking within Final Cut Studio, but there are times when you need something a bit more powerful. Just watch this fast demo of Mocha AE working with FCP to put images onto an iPhone screen.


Thunderbolt, its clearly a win win situation with the new Intel connection at the moment, and when we found out that someone had written a top ten guide, well we had to find out more.


We might be close to the release of FCPX, but Apple is still issuing updates for Final Cut Studio and the other creative applications.


If you've been reading our site for a while, you will know we think that there will be big changes in training once FCPX has been released. There will be winners, but there will be a lot more losers. Have VASST taken a long hard look at FCPX and decided that it's just not worth producing FCP training products?


Remember the guys that bought you the $39.99 NYC for Final Cut? Well they've been busy out shooting in Washington and have produced another inexpensive royalty free stock footage pack.


Fireworks is the latest set of plugins from Digieffects to become unbundled from the Delirium set. Another manufacturer recognising that the days of expensive large packs of plugins is over. Just buy what you need when you need it.