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A few of us editors met up in London for a grande cafe latte and ended up talking motion graphics and how to add a bit polish to boring shots, products, text e.t.c. The general consensus was that you can't go wrong with lens flares, clients just love them!


One of the frustrations of publishing Master Templates from Motion 4 to FCP7 was the fact that dropzones and text entry/tracking were the only controls that transferred between the apps. With Motion 5 and FCPX that's all changed, welcome to rig building.

We thought Conduit was dead, how wrong we were. This $199 plugin from DV Garage is on its second version and now works inside FCP, Motion, After Effects and Photoshop. In this video Kevin Hansen shows Mark Spencer how to pull and then refine a key using the plugin. If you have ever had trouble with chromakeying or greenscreen then this might be just what you need. More info including links to a free 3D plugin after the break.


We all know that Final Cut's slow motion effects can be somewhat disappointing at times. That that ugly frame blending that is on by default is horrendous. In this slightly old but good Motion tutorial (Motion 3 but the process is the same in 4) Steve Martin from Ripple Training shows us how round tripping to Motion for its optical flow processing might be the answer. Want more? extra Optical Flow & retiming tutorials after the break

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