apple patent hud motion

If you make graphics with Motion then the Heads Up Display or 'HUD' will be no stranger to you. You won't however be seeing behaviors controlled by a similar GUi in a competing application as Apple has just bagged themselves a patent.


The first word that springs to mind when we saw this new $35 pack of pre-keyed and animation capable elements & characters was 'original.' Released now for Final Cut Pro X & Motion, you can add these cartoon elements to your videos.


Tweets and posts everywhere today about the new Final Cut Pro X update to 10.0.3. Don't miss that Motion and Compressor get an upgrade too.


Another free handy tool from MotionVFX, this time you can change the frame rate of Motion projects.


We have seen kinetic text done before, but not with 600 layers in Motion 5! Was Motion up to the task, the details after the break.


If you are anything like us when making Motion projects, you end up with many layers called Copy 1, Copy 2 etc. Now there's a quick fix to get your layers looking nice and neat.


***Winners Posted***

Yes you read the headline right. Not only have MotionVFX started to publish Motion 5 templates on their store, they are also offering 5 $200 gift certificates in an exclusive FCP.co giveaway competition. All you have to do is tweet!

This is a free 3D transition for FCP which Thomas Graziani has created and entitled 3D Flip. Links after the break.