How the OWC Drive Dock can backup your large RAID quickly and easily.

OWC has announced the Atlas Pro range of fast SD and CFExpress cards with a high-speed CFExpress reader.

How complicated is it to fly a drone from a moving ship? Quite difficult it seems! Paul Joy highlights the problems and explains the solutions.

A week with the new M1Max powered 16 inch MacBook Pro. What's good, what's amazing and what we thought it would do better on.

Get rushes into the cloud instantly for viewing using Frame.io's new Camera to Cloud service.

A few months has passed since part one of the review of the QNAP TVS-682T. So after further tinkering and testing, how did it perform and will I be buying one?

We know that Final Cut Pro X can have issues with NFS storage. Felipe Baez details how to optimise a Synology RAID especially for shared FCPX editing.

adobe cc update 2015

Yes, we are a site about Final Cut Pro, but it doesn't do any harm to look at other NLEs out there. Especially when an update comes out with new features.

lumashare fcpx

XSAN is dead according to Sam Mestman. So how did they manage to replay 84 streams of 4K at the recent LACPUG meeting?

jmr lightening NAB

What happens when you cross a Mac Pro with a RAID and a breakout box? The answer? The new Lightning Quad Tower from JMR