gopro IBC banner

So how do you get your GoPro footage into Final Cut Pro X at the moment? Import from the card and convert? Quick, but not the best as the new GoPro Studio 2 application does a lot more.

davinci resolve 10 beta

The last few trade shows have seen Blackmagic's cameras steal the limelight. There are new products announced today at IBC in Amsterdam, but for editors, the big news is the availability of the DaVinci Resolve 10 Beta.


A new 4K frame size, a new box and new Thunderbolt 2 connectors. The just announced Io 4K from AJA has been designed to work with the new Mac Pro. New free capture and iOS software to download too.

gtx 680 fcpx

So you are editing on an ageing Mac Pro and you want to speed up your Final Cut Pro X & Motion renders. That's exactly what FCP.co reader Andrew Smith did by installing a new NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680.

Promise pegasus drive fail

We love Promise Pegasus R6 RAIDS. Lots of capacity, a fast Thunderbolt connection and they are (pretty) reliable. Spinning disks do go wrong, so what happens if your R6 has a hard drive failure?

Timequote logger ipad

We have seen quite a few iPad applications that can store notes when reviewing cut sequences. But what about an app for logging on the fly so that important quotations can be found with ease in the edit suite?

Apple keynote wwdc 2013

Yesterday was a great day as we had a glimpse of the new Mac Pro. It might have stolen the show, but there was plenty of other hardware & software news during the keynote.

imac test loan

A part two to our article on Apple's new 27" iMac that was very kindly loaned to us. We sum up our thoughts on the machine and come to the conclusion that there is one big problem with the iMac.

In the last of our videos recorded at NAB 2013, we take a look at the Monarch HD video streaming and recording unit from Matrox. It won a lot of awards at the show, so what is it all about?

Blackmagic Design were filming on two cinema cameras at the Press Conference on the Monday of NAB 2013. They have just sent us the official video of the event. Grant Petty explains Ultra HD, 6G SDI and of course he takes us through the new products and product updates. A good 24 minute watch with a lot of good background info.

We first saw the HDX-SDI on the Motu stand last year at NAB. The uncompressed I/O box is close to shipping so we thought that we would take another look.

We reported on AJA's new products earlier from the Press Breakfast. We caught up with Bryce Button for a one on one demo of what's new.

Red Giant formally announced Bulletproof on April the 1st. There weren't many details on the website, so we decided to track down Simon Walker to take us through the application.