stress GPU Mac pro

So just how good are the dual GPUs in the new Mac Pro? We asked audio visual performer Jim Warrier to take them to their limits by running visual performance benchmark apps. The faster they go, the faster FCPX and Motion will go too.

unboxing new mac pro

We have been lucky to get our hands on a new Mac Pro here in the FCP.co, so we thought we would share the unboxing with you before we get down to testing it out!

pegasus2 available

So when you purchase your new Mac Pro and install Final Cut Pro X 10.1, you are going to want some fast Thunderbolt 2 storage to go with it. The new Promise Pegasus 2 RAIDS are available now. A diskless model and the answer to who bought the RED Mac Pro too.

ultrastudio 4K thunderbolt2

Slightly usurping AJA, Blackmagic Design has announced a new UltraStudio 4K. Priced at $995, it's the first video device I/O with Thunderbolt 2 technology, offering 20 Gb/s capture and playback of SD, HD, Ultra HD and DCI 4K.

fcpx mac pro shared storage

The Mavericks upgrade and FCPX has worked for the majority of users, others have had a few problems. Risking a Betteridge style answer, have we overlooked a feature in Mavericks that could help all users who want fast shared storage?

mac pro video roundup

16 angles of 4K playing back in a Final Cut Pro X multicam edit. How did the Press miss that one? We feature the videos from Apple's Special Event and a quick glimpse of that amazing multicam feat from the demos afterwards. 

bru producers edition fcpx

BRU Producer's Edition version 3.1 from the Tolis Group now supports backup to LTO of FCPX projects and drag and drop backup of media from FCPXML files.

adobe hacked

Bad news all round. It looks like Adobe have been the victim of a rather nasty attack. Time to change your Adobe password PDQ.

lacpug sept29 logic fcpx

We love great demos from people who know their stuff and these three presentations from the recent LACPUG are exactly that. Expect some gasps from the audience!

imac updates sept 2013

With all the talk about the new Mac Pro and FCPX 10.1, we have taken our eyes of the iMac. Apple have just announced an update to the iMac range.

supermeet amsterdam 2013 2

Larry might have been top billing, but there were some great demos on stage before his. In this post we have two presentations about software that complements Final Cut Pro X: DaVinci Resolve 10 and Autodesk Smoke.

Editshare IBC-banner 2013

Singe user external high speed RAID drives are pretty common. But what about if you need to share media across multiple users? EditShare displayed a new budget shared storage solution at IBC 2013.

sony hard disk banner IBC

Initially we were not impressed by the new range of solid state and spinning platter hard disks from Sony. Once we got to talking to the Sony demo guy at IBC, we found out one great feature about these new disks.