Nice to see somebody showing off what Final Cut Pro X CAN do instead of slamming it all the time. In these four videos from the recent LAFCPUG meeting, Steve Kanter runs through the positives.


Red Giant have posted a workaround for known issues with Final Cut Pro 7, Magic Bullet & Colorista when running OSX 10.7 Lion.


You've got to be impressed by a demo that includes Monk footage - not that we are saying that the episodes get cut on Final Cut Pro X! Moviola Events presents Andrew running the audience through the new FCPX timeline.


Peachpit produce some of the best training books for software on the market, we've got a few of them on the shelves here on the FCP.co campus. They also produce the official books used for FCP certification.


The three wise men of Final Cut Pro X answer questions at the recent LAFCPUG meeting. Filmed a few days after FCPX's release, they tackle some of the big questions about our new editing software.


You might have noticed that we have been building a list of free FCPX & Motion effects for download over on our forum. Let's take the thought further though...


The ability to edit 3D material wasn't included in the list of features of Final Cut Pro X when it was launched in June. Dashwood Cinema Solutions have plugged that gap by updating their 3D editing tools for FCPX.


If you've looked at the Final Cut Pro X section of the Apple website today, you might have seen four new videos added. Apple have come out of their corner fighting.


It's a pretty slow news day unless you want to watch a Sesame Street FCPX remix or a Gorilla with a GoPro. An ideal opportunity to post the last series of Final Cut Pro X color grading tutorials.


We have had many emails from people asking when the next set of tutorials would be available from Color Grading Central. The next five of these superb videos are now posted after the break.