Given a month, most of us can edit together material into a pretty good storyline. But what if you have to present the result on the same day? Welcome to the same day edit (SDE)


So how close are the trimming modes between FCP7 and FCPX? In this tutorial all the major trimming methods are examined in both versions of Final Cut Pro.


Everybody knew that Apple shouldn't have killed off FCP7 when FCPX was released. Have Apple listened to their customers and put Final Cut Pro 7 back on the market? 


Well the promo video for the event certainly got a lot of interest. Let's see if the videos of the discussion lived up to the hype.


Rays, you either love them or hate them, but used right they can add a lot of impact or subtle realism. Digital Film Tools have upgraded their Rays plugin to work with Final Cut Pro X.


When we first saw this video we thought "Why would anyone want to make music in Final Cut Pro X?" Then after watching the tutorial we realised that FCPX has some pretty powerful audio tools built in.


If you've got an hour and a half spare, grab a coffee and enjoy Alex Lindsay, Steve Martin and Mark Spencer talk about Final Cut Pro X. Packed full of FCPX information with an added bonus of how to make shot glasses out of CDs.


***Winners Announced***

Today MotionVFX has launched mFlare, a plugin that brings gorgeous optical style lens flare effects to Motion5 and Final Cut Pro X. We have 5 copies to give away in our competition.


Yeup the disappearance of Get from AV3 had us all puzzled. Why would an award winning product be discontinued with hardly an explanation?


Sick of skimming in Final Cut Pro X? Could Apple be planning on including a three dimensional CoverFlow in iMovie first and therefore FCPX? Who knows, but they got awarded the patent.