Alex Lindsay, Steve Martin and Mark Spencer present another 90 minutes of MacBreak Studio. In this episode they concentrate on the news, features and problems of the Final Cut Pro X 10.0.1 update.


*** Winners announced***

Today Idustrial Revolution has announced that its popular particle effect filter and transition plugin ParticleMetrix is now available for Final Cut Pro X. We have five copies of this flexible plugin to give away.


Andy Anderson from Infinite Skills has produced 142 lessons or 10.5 hours worth of Final Cut Pro X tuition for $99.99. The course is available by download or on DVD.


We were pleased to be invited to the Sony Press Conference at IBC a few weeks ago. In the presentation the Final Cut Pro X icon was used, so afterwards we asked some questions and got a few surprising answers.


We've been expecting it for a while, Apple have released a free update to Final Cut Pro X. New features are included and some features announced for the future.


We had many emails from people in Scotland asking us when the posted meeting of the UKFCUG was going to happen in Glasgow. Just to jog everybody's memories, Rick Young has sent us the agenda of the meeting on the 22nd of this month.


Apple have always produced a list of third party devices that have been qualified for use with Final Cut Pro. Here's a  handy list of cameras including which easy setup you should be using, but that's not why we find this interesting.


The screen grab doesn't really do this plugin justice, this is going to be a huge timesaver for FCP7 users who work in a collaborative environment. Enjoy the luxury of having your bins update automatically with new clips, renamed clips and deletions.


Digital Heaven have launched a $49 pack of five transitions for Final Cut Pro X. Lens flares to camera shutters, these effects will liven up your productions.


Yes you read the title right, this new pack of three plugins are for Final Cut Pro 7. Programmed by Graeme Nattress for DVcreators, these FXScript plugins can add that touch of Hollywood to your productions. 


This one took a bit of research, probably because Japanese isn't our strong point! ISP have ported their high quality blue/green screen keyer to Final Cut Pro X, not forgetting that it still works in FCP7.


We first saw this a few days ago and to be honest were slightly put off by the sparse website. There is nothing like a fresh demo to prove a point and here the author shows off the script exporting RED material out of Final Cut Pro X and into After Effects.


Graeme Nattress has announced a specially priced bundle of FCP plugins for sale. Grab a potential saving of over $250 on these FCS3 products.