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VR or virtual reality was the hot topic on the show floor at this year's NAB. But who is making content and how is it made you may ask? We spoke to New Deal Studios about their recent work shooting & editing 3D 360 virtual reality on features, commercial projects and music videos.

A company with an impressive list of VFX movie credits such as The Dark Knight Rises, The Avengers and Hugo is now pushing the boundaries in the editing, VFX and colour correction of VR. Unlike many production companies, New Deal Studios has gained early expertise in 3D 360 video productions - where different images are sent to each eye to create 3D depth in all directions, which is known as ‘stereoscopic 360 video’.

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Armand Dijcks very kindly describes how he made the stunning cinemagraphs from images taken by Dutch astronaut André Kuipers on the International Space Station. Final Cut Pro X's optical flow was the tool to smooth the large resolution timelapses.

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Benjamin Armes, the videographer for the School of Information at the University of Michigan has very kindly put together a few FCPX editing tips in a user story about a recent project. 


Another entrant into the Final Cut Pro X plugin ecosystem this week is Leno Treinamentos from Brazil with his range of free and commercial FCPX plugins.

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The Final Cut Pro X plugin market has matured since those early days of quickly built effects five years ago. We caught up with Sean Mullen from Rampant Design Tools and asked why his company's attention was now turning to FCPX.

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We get many questions on our Forum about how to remove flicker from footage in FCPX. Now a low cost plugin at $29 called De Flicker from Seed Digital Media hopes to fix those problems.

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Every year Marquis Broadcast hosts a survey that centres around Final Cut Pro X. This year is no different, apart from the fact that each participant now has the opportunity of winning over $1200 worth of software products!

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Time for the last set of videos from the recent FCP Exchange event that was held during NAB 2016. Making the switch to FCPX, a new Mac based slomotion application and a great large scale use story.

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On the eve of the first FCP Tour in Madrid (6th May 2016) Jesús Pérez-Miranda takes us on his journey from Avid, through FCP 6&7 and on to Final Cut Pro X. 

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Mike Matzdorff promised he would write up his 'Most awesome tip in the world' for FCPX and he's kept his word and done exactly that. He's cracked how to access an updating Library by another user.

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The presentation videos from FCP Exchange at NAB 2016 have gone down very well, so time to post the next four! Media management, Final Cut Pro X power tips, colour grading and a great case study.


Unfortunately, being in the UK, the late timing of this event was way beyond our bedtime. No problem, the whole recording is on YouTube.

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Didn't manage to make it to NAB this year and missed out on the FCP Exchange presentations? Don't worry, we are publishing them right here. What were you going to do this Tuesday morning?