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Want to change the perception of Final Cut Pro X amongst the broadcast and video production industries? Well you can help by doing something very simple.

Wikipedia is a great resource, but some of the articles don't really reflect the current status or position of the item, person or place they are trying to document.

This is particularly true about Final Cut Pro X.

Wikipedia nearly always appears on the first page of a Google result, so getting the correct facts into an article is pretty important when people are looking for information. The current page looks as if it hasn't had much love over the last few years, just take a look the emphasis of the 'Reception' section.

So here is an idea...

Why don't we all have a go at adding a lot more information to the FCPX Wikipedia entry? Not only will this beef out the article, if multiple authors add information then the editors or individuals who edit/undo the page will be less likely to remove the updates. You most post facts however, even better if you can link to other Wikipedia pages or add references & citations.

Hopefully we might be able to coax Alex Gollner into spending a day tabling out all the updates like the Premiere Pro page.

We will certainly try to understand Wikipedia markup language to add FCP.co citations to the films listed. (One note here- click on the pencil in the top right hand corner for visual editing)

How about a section for major TV programmes edited on FCPX? Maybe this user list might help in getting different productions on there. You might notice from the edit page that we added Loreak to the feature film list. We also started off the Ecosystem section!

So why don't we all have crowdsourced crack at updating Wikipedia? You never know, it might just change a few people's attitude towards FCPX and possibly make them take a second look. 




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