We have seen the SpaceNavigator from 3DConnection work with Motion for flying around in a 3D composition. This is a SpaceExplorer controlling Final Cut Pro. The quality of the video isn't great and it's a bit hard to work out what is going on, but we are up for anything that gives us more control and speed when editing.


So you want to convert film lengths to video frames with drop frame timecode? Well now you can instantly with this app, Panoptik Timecode that runs on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. There is some serious maths under the hood.


EVS has had a bit of a love hate relationship with FCP. Why would you want to edit on Final Cut Pro when you could use IPEdit? Well here is one reason, the launch of IPEdit.3D at NAB 2011.


You might have read our story about the odd analogue audio outputs from the MXO2. Matrox have emailed us to say that a fix is in the new firmware which is available for download now.

So we are going to leave the credit cards at home this NAB otherwise we might find ourselves with one of these on the plane back. There are other LCD recorders arriving everyday, but this one can record two streams for 3D work. It's missing one thing though...

OK, maybe the title is a bit over the top but if you've ever had to do cutouts for motion graphics you will love this refined extraction process in Photoshop CS5.


You can now buy a MacPro from the online Apple Store with a whopping 64 Gig of RAM pre-installed. You are probably going to need as much RAM as possible when the new FCP is released, so start saving!

It's a forum question that keeps coming up again and again:- "How can I make my video look like film?" Hopefully this post might provide part of the answer. CineGrain have released a huge (and I mean huge) library of quicktime movie film effects on disk.

We thought this was interesting as it parallels Final Cut Pro's transition from the 32 bit Carbon API into the 64 bit world of Cocoa. Now why can't the Apple team make a video like this?


We knew that Intel had developed Light Peak with help from Apple. Then right at the last minute before the new MacBook Pros were announced, the name changed to Thunderbolt. Or did it? Guess who has applied to register the name as a trademark.


As FCP gets more & more of a hold in the post-production industry, the requirement for 'interoperability' with other editing systems (OK Avid) is bound to grow. Marquis have launched a box that will help bridge the gap.


There will be many products released soon that feature Thunderbolt, but LaCie has got in there first. Take a look at the tiny "Little Big Disk" 500GB of SSD.

This is the latest really cool FCP app for the iPhone which also scales for iPad. There is a version for iPad on its way. Really instructive video tutorial from Taz Goldstein and Steve Martin. The audio is out of sync, but loads of great details. We love adding markers, subclipping, labels and names and all for just $2.99! All the links you need after the break. *UPDATE* We have replaced the video with a corrected version.