***Updated with link to Canon & Red liveblogs***

What a news day today is going to be! Three huge announcements from three large companies, Canon, Red and Avid all have special events planned.


Sorenson have launched two new versions of Squeeze, their cross-platform compression program. If Compressor 4 hasn't enough output formats and codecs, then this might be your answer.


Why does an important piece of news always happen on a Friday afternoon? Yes you read the title right, Automatic Duck have posted all their XML and FCPXML translation tools for free download.


***Updated with new GoPro HD Hero2 demo video***

We are big fans of GoPro's, they seem to have taken adventure sports videos to a new level. Now GoPro have released an update, the GoPro HD Hero2.  


Quite a refreshing break from the chat about which NLE talks to which NLE. Steenbeck proclaim they're alive and kicking so Rick Young caught up with them at IBC.


Two reasons for posting this article. The first is to publicise the upcoming MacVideo Expo next week in London on the 18th. The second is to remind you that you can get a free listing for your event in our community section, it will even appear on our front page!


What a superb idea. Compile into a database all the common error codes you'll likely to come across on Mac based video editing software. Then wrap it all up into a searchable iPhone & iPad app for $1.99.


Wow is all we can say. 48 GoPro cameras all running in an array filming a surfer at sea, you know it's going to be impressive. 


Now that the interoperability between Final Cut Pro X and Blackmagic's DaVinci Resolve has been announced, we are sure many editors are going to be looking at this combination to grade their projects. Patrick Inhofer takes us on a 2 hour Resolve catch up course.


The news yesterday that Wes Plate from Automatic Duck was moving to Adobe flashed around the internet pretty quickly. Is this good or bad news for Final Cut Pro X?


Philip Johnston presents part two of his review of IBC 2011. What was his highlight of the show, the JVC 4K camera or the 8K Super High Vision demo?


With Apple announcing support for shared storage this week for FCPX, ProMAX have timed this free webinar rather well.


We thought there would be more camera crews touring the show floor at IBC this year, but we only counted a few. Good job Philip Johnston aka the HDWarrior was there shooting his summaries.