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25 Jan 2021
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TimeCodeVanisher - erases burned-in TC 11 Jan 2017 13:34 #84762

// DL and unzip attached file; run Installer; after relaunch of FCPX, you’ll find in the Effects Tab a new category, ks_effects, in there TiCoVanisher //

TimeCodeVanisher does NOT wipe off any meta-data! And for sure, no effect can bring back, what’s ‘behind’ some burned-in graphic.
Please: if you use it to ‘erase’ StationBugs or Watermarks - it doesn’t wipe off copyrights.

TimeCodeVanisher, or TiCoVa, adds a selector rectangle in the Preview window; in the Inspector, you’re offered two modes, or methods:
• Clone copies some content from above or below ‘over’ the burned-in TC.
• Blur blurs the TC and the surrounding pixels into some mish-mash, which hides the TC.

For the Clone effect, just drag and adjust the selector, then ‘push’ the Clone with the Y-Position value over the unwanted parts.
Blur offers a few more controls, e.g. for tinting the blur. Or de-saturate it. Depends very much on actual content.

If you have any questions, enhancements or suggestions - post here!
TiCoVa is free to use, but not meant for resale or similar.

Enjoy Movie Making!

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TimeCodeVanisher - erases burned-in TC 21 May 2017 14:59 #88220

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Wow, really nice! I'd have one request, though. Be able to do the clone, and then be able to blur it, also. But yes, this is really nice! Good job, man!

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TimeCodeVanisher - erases burned-in TC 21 May 2017 17:37 #88226

feel free to modify to your needs, Ben!
maybe in some future update, I'll add more 'smear' options ...
(I'm way too lazy to refine projects when 'done')

… Good job, man!

… just doing my job, Serve and Protect ...
(ehm, oops?? wrong slogan… ;) )

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