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25 Jan 2021
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3STEPS - a free 3D-looking generator …title…wotever 03 Jun 2018 13:01 #95796

// DL, un-zip, drag folder into ~/Movies/Motion Templates/Titles //

… hm? Is this a Title or a Generator? ;)
Have a look:

Ok, this is a very special one, I don’t expect more than a handful of downloads … and most are probably just interested how it done. :silly: Anyhow:

After applying 3Steps to your timeline (= not meant/able to overlay), you’ll find in the Inspector a few controls, some are self-explanatory, some less:

Depth - how the 3 columns are close to each other
Stag - big steps, small steps …
Zoom - controls position of camera
Light/position pans the light
… rest what it says …
Font selection/settings in the usual tab, the columns auto-size its width …

Feel free to customize to your needs, post your enhancement here.

Enjoy Movie Making! :)

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