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25 Jan 2021
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HiLiteTHIS - and animated 'flat' title with an arrow 25 May 2016 14:08 #77108

// after dl, un-zip and drag into ~Movies/Motion Templates/Titles //

This is HiLiteTHIS, an animated title to highlight things in your next project.

The Video demoes it features:
an OSC allows to put the title anywhere on the screen, in the Inspector you can change colors of the graphical elements, direction and length of arrow and finally, to change the title itself use FCPX’ text tab.

I applied some motion blur to HiLiteTHAT - so it could happen to start to stutter and/or you need to render that part to see it in realtime/all frames…

You can lengthen and shorten the title without affecting the animation...

Feel free to modify it, post your improvements here!

have fun movie making…

PS: I should mention this tutorial , where Mark Spencer from rippletraining.com shows a very smart trick how to 'animate' bezier-points - normally not keyframe-able ... this plugin makes excessive use of this method - thanks Mark for sharing!

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