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25 Jan 2021
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eGPU 20 Mar 2017 17:11 #86631

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I gave up on the GTX 980ti. Many of you all are absolutely correct with regards to FCPX not really going to utilize the GTX. In fact, when I ran the gfx software to monitor the activities with rendering and exporting, GTX didn't even move/register. Since I am not a gamer and really focus on 3D graphics, I gave up on the GTX.

Then, I threw in the RX480. The install process was pretty much the same as the GTX. Except there were a couple of lines where I had to change to force OSX to see the RX480. To my surprise, it was a very easy process. Then the disappointment came. First, with Cinebench, ZERO difference what so ever and no improvements. Then with the benchmark with Heaven, FPS was nowhere even close to the GTX. Finally, then Xmas came. Remembering the purpose of my project is to create more efficiency and to add more processing power to FCPX. First, I exported the bruceX for benchmarked. With the dual D300, it was in the area of 31-32secs. To my surprise, now it was coming back at 20-21secs. I was shocked! Then I opened up XRG to monitor the activities of the GPUs and reran BruceX. I thought the improvement came because of OSX finally using the RX480. Yes and no, it did see the RX480, but it also utilized the dual D300 along with the Rx480. I know what some of you are going to say. Thaz it, what a small improvement. In reality, that is about a 30% improvement. I for one am pretty happy about it. To be able to utilize all three of my GPSs. Then I continued with my testing and monitor the gpu activities. Overall, it's a huge improvement for me with FCPX, which I am very happy about. I'm not going to game on the Mac, so I could really care less about the 3D. I really appreciate everyone's help cause I know I have posted a lot.

New question:

Can I get a PCIe Raiser and put two rx480 into the Akitio box? I'm pretty sure I can run two RX480 off the same power supply. But what about two GPUs off one Akitio box? I'm getting greedy now for sure...

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