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25 Jan 2021
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Macbook Pro M1 or Macbook Pro 16 for FCPX? 03 Sep 2021 16:15 #116106

Hello everyone!

I am currently in the process of upgrading my working machine, I have a 15’ Touch Bar Macbook Pro from 2018, with full specs, i9 6-core, 32 Go RAM and 4 To SSD. I work mainly on Final Cut Pro (some Motion also), and I cannot decide between a full-speced Macbook Pro M1 with 16 Gb of shared memory and 2 Tb SSD, and a full-speced Macbook Pro 16 with i9 2,4 Ghz, 64 Gb RAM and 5600M.

Price here isn’t a problem, I just would like to know which of those two laptops is overall better in Final Cut Pro. I saw recently a news about a japanese video maker I think, which said that the M1 Macbook Pro destroyed his iMac Pro in exporting in Final Cut Pro, but I wonder how much is it true, and also, is it just way faster in exporting, or overall in the global FCP usage?

Anyways, thanks a lot for your help on the matter!

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Macbook Pro M1 or Macbook Pro 16 for FCPX? 03 Sep 2021 17:26 #116107

Hello Hikenkami!

The M1 surely is an amazing machine for its price, in many ways. I have been doing some crazy stuff on it. My M1 is on par with my 2020 16" i9 MBP running FCP, Motion and Compressor. It is slower than the i9 with multithreaded processes and with applications that still need to run under Rosetta. But it also costs much less than the i9. So, its' actually better in many ways when you consider bang for the buck.

If price is not an issue and you have some time before you decide, wait until the new 14" and 16" Silicon MacBook Pros get announced. They should be available before December. Based on my real-world findings with the basic M1 MBP, they should definitely smoke any Intel based Mac (except for the higher end MacPros that costs an arm and a leg).

- Ronny

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