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25 Jan 2021
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11" Macbook Air with FCPX 11 Jan 2015 18:57 #58321

I currently use a top of the line 15" rMBP with a thunderbolt display to edit short pieces with FCPX. Love the setup. However, there are times when I need to leave that setup at work. I was thinking about ordering an 11” Macbook Air for those times when I need to edit short pieces on the road - mobile/light. My plan would be to install FCPX and use an SSD thunderbolt drive to edit from. Probably the Elgato drive. This would just be to edit. Back at work I would plug the Elgato into my rMBP and render the projects out for distribution.

Is this even realistic? Is the experience going to be unexceptionally bad?

Anyone using an Air to do basic editing with FCPX?



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11" Macbook Air with FCPX 09 Aug 2015 01:20 #67216

Kind of surprised no one has responded to this.

I use a MacBook Air 11" for a lot of editing of interviews and short documentary pieces. It performs much better than I expected, but it often pauses and FCP does crash from time to time. The interface can be laggy (so I've learned a lot of keyboard shortcuts) and the processor utilization is often through the roof.

I only have 4 GB of RAM, which is the most mine could expand to, but it really needs more. And a faster processor. And more pixels!

There are so many compromises with the 11" form factor, and for video editing the tiny screen can be really frustrating.

I've been looking to upgrade and will probably go for a 15" MacBook Pro for all of the obvious reasons - CPU, GPU, RAM, and screen real estate.

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