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25 Jan 2021
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Buying Advice for editing wedding films - rMBP with Only Iris Pro or with 750M 08 Jan 2015 13:13 #58172

I' m in a crossroad. If anyone is on the wedding film industry could you please advice me for the following situation?

I need to jump to Final Cut Pro X for editing wedding films and because of limited budget I was wondering if the rMBP with the integrated Iris Pro is adequate for editing wedding films with Final Cut Pro X (It seems from reading on the net that OPENCL performance of the Iris Pro is very good. I have a 2 camera setup for the church ceremony and bridal dance and 1 camera for preps and dances. I never use fancy graphics or special graphics for the films. Only some color correction and light grading for the teaser and wedding highlights. No After Effects, No Motion, No Adobe Premiere.

Will I be able to work effectively with only the Iris Pro model or do I need to buy the Nvidia equipped model?

Will I have to transcode the clips of my cameras (Canon 5d MarkIII and Canon 70D) in order to edit or I will be able to edit native H.264 files?

Has anyone used this model (rMBP with Iris Pro only) to deliver finished wedding projects and edit with them effectively?

Thanks for your time in advance.

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Buying Advice for editing wedding films - rMBP with Only Iris Pro or with 750M 14 Jan 2015 03:28 #58426

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I use the 15" rMBP with the dual GPUs, and an Elgato single SSD T'bolt drive. Works great. You'll want that GeForce GPU in there for editing with, for sure. FCPX auto switches to it at launch.

I wouldn't do huge multicams with H.264 footage, I'd optimize or proxy that stuff. But a two angle multicam, should be fine. And you an always generate proxies for that quickly inside the Browser if you find it bogging down. But for what you want, it should work just fine without optimizing or proxies.

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Buying Advice for editing wedding films - rMBP with Only Iris Pro or with 750M 05 May 2015 18:26 #64093

Have you decided which one to buy? Does it work for you?

I am on the same page as you, since I want to save some money and buy the model with the Iris Pro only.
I currently use my old MacBook White from 2010 (a dual core with an SSD and a simple GeForce 320M) and it works OK. It's not very fast and I can't export projects (it takes too long and the CPU becomes very hot).

I want to use it not as my main machine: when I go to the clients, I show them the project I edit for them. Most of the times they are happy, but they ask for little changes, such as: "Can you add this title here", "Can you try this shot instead of this one", and so on.
I would like to be able to perform these little changes in real time and show them the results before going home and conclude the project.

Online I see a lot of benchmarks but they are not really interesting to me: I want to know the real experience on editing.
Since my MacBook works OK, I suppose an Iris Pro would great for me. But I prefer to spend a little more and have a machine that works for 4/5 years instead of changing it after 1 year.

I hope you found the right computer for you :)

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