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25 Jan 2021
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Making production quality music 10 Oct 2015 19:23 #69406

Hello, first post and first time using Logic Pro X.

To get started I have been reading the tutorials here and watching YouTube. My first assignment to learn more has been to listen to a song and then attempt to replicate the sounds I am hearing into my own project. This is just for fun -- not trying to rip anyone off, and wont be publishing this! Following is my take:

Original: Dzeko & Torres - Air feat. Delaney Jane --

My Logic project: camera.phor.net/AIRTEST.zip -OR- drive.google.com/file/d/0B1bVoMWpVpO8bHN2YmVCUXo1em8/view

The things I have learned and been focused on are:

* Type all the midi sections and get all the little drum fills included
* Get the instruments to sound approximately like the original
* Find some combination of sounds that almost sound like the original intro
* Use automation to fade volume or change a few instrument settings
* Try and get track volume near 0 dB and avoid clipping
* Use a special bus (25) as sidechain with compressor on the bass track (avoid mud/clipping)
* Learn more about ES2 and ESX24 instruments

Overall, this experience alone has been worth it! However for my wife and anyone else listening, there is MUCH more to learn in this project, and this track sounds a lot more like a hack than something you would hear on the radio.

If you are interested to listen, I would appreciate your feedback in finding the most obvious things I should be learning next or working on next to improve the quality of this project with the goal of getting it "radio ready". It has gotten to the point now where I hear that it is not quite there yet, but I am not exactly sure what is missing. Thanks in advance and ANY help is much appreciated!

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VidGreg 27 Oct 2015 15:53 #69887

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Hi William
Welcome to the forums
To be honest, this is most likely not the best site for exploring your questions about LPX. While their are lots of folks here who use LPX, this site is really about FCPX. So if your question is about how to use FCPX and LPX together then here is appropriate.
There are lots of great sites about learning how to use LPX and other sites about how to improve your mixing skills. These are two different issues.
Here are some good free vid tutorials on LPX I like… www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLXmi76euG...8KMPAHJPyOSZy5w4CsV9
There are lots of other great sites. You can also enroll in online courses for mixing. The bottom line is that it also takes lots and lots of practice, so have some fun. Create difference versions and play with all the tools.
LPX is a great but very complex program with way too many features to explore. Add to this, every engineer will have different techniques, so different answers.
Hope this helps, Greg

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