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25 Jan 2021
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Logic Pro X 10.2 Update Released - Massive! 25 Aug 2015 21:29 #67705

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Apple just released Logic Pro X 10.2 update, and it is massive. The Alchemy synth has been amazingly improved and made more powerful (like it wasn't already super-mega-powerful enough), new UI, just amazing! Remember that LPX costs less than Alchemy used to cost by itself. Plus a boat load of new loops, are both worth it alone, but the very long list of enhancements and updates is amazing.

If only FCPX could be released with this much work completed, that'd rock. Now to give this update a test run...

As for FCPXML, good news:
- Project XML files exported from Logic to Final Cut Pro X now reliably maintain the correct sample rate.
- When importing Final Cut Pro X Project XML, Logic now places audio clips that lack time position information in the Audio Bin.

Check out the release notes.

For more on the Alchemy synth, check this out.

A few of my favorite things:
  • Introduction of a greatly enhanced and super-charged, new Alchemy synth
  • Share directly to Apple Music Connect (requires Apple Music Connect account)
  • Share and backup files to Gobbler (requires Gobbler third-party subscription)
  • Adds support for Force Touch trackpad
  • Create custom track icons with your own image files
  • 1,000 new Apple Loops from a variety of popular instruments and genres including EDM, Hip Hop, Indie, Disco, Funk, and Blues
Plus so many more really pleasant enhancements, too many to list...

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Logic Pro X 10.2 Update Released - Massive! 26 Aug 2015 02:52 #67711

Yea!! My favorite music AND post daw too!

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Logic Pro X 10.2 Update Released - Massive! 05 Sep 2015 02:13 #68052

" Double POST"
I have downloaded the additional content « alchemy » 14.83 Gig and since this is a very big download, I did transfer the folder from my iMac to my MacBookPro. It is well detected in both logic X software but if I go to my MacBookPro « download additional content » menu logic still wants to RE-download the 14.83 Gig …
Is there a way to have this menu detect that the « alchemy content » is all there?
Which file on the MacBookPro should I overwrite with one from the iMac to normalize this ?



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Logic Pro X 10.2 Update Released - Massive! 07 Sep 2015 02:26 #68113

Dangerous but it worked ... Copied 588 .bom and .plist files from\to : private/var/db/receipts/

Please don't try that if you are not ready for trouble!


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Logic Pro X 10.2 Update Released - Massive! 17 Nov 2015 17:58 #70740

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I only recently upgraded to El Capitan.
Previously I did not download all the extra content and did not download Alchemy library.
Doing a clean install I finally had room to download all the extras, but then I moved most of it to an SDXC card, ~45GB worth of sound samples from Logic Pro and Apple.
I only have a 256GB ssd drive so this frees up lots of space.
I created Symlinks; not Aliases, for the Samples folders(Directories) and so far, as long as I remember to insert card prior to launching Logic, all seems to work well. Moved other Samples folders as well. I went with a fast SD card instead of USB/TB because those ports are generally taken up. The SD slot is almost always empty while recording. For some of the largest, most complicated sounds, there is about a 1-2 second delay before being fully loaded in Logic, others no lag. That's acceptable to me.

Encourage everyone to do a feature request to allow flexibility in library storage w/o having to use Terminal for LPX. Library info pane like FCPX?? Some of the new AV asset frameworks allows multiple splits in libraries. Hope this is included in next version.

As to Alchemy, prior to yesterday, I had never used it. WOW!! OMG and other superlatives!
I am certain that if I continue to experiment I will get the basics down in a year or two, and reach real knowledge in a few centuries. I didn't even make it through listening and playing with the preset sounds and 8 variations for each sound.
Amazing program and free!

Okay Apple, Thanks. Now just make LPX / FCPX better integrated.
Make some Music, :woohoo:

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Logic Pro X 10.2 Update Released - Massive! 17 Nov 2015 18:10 #70741

thanks for posting your good experience...
I love LPX - even for post! It really can do everything I can do in my protools, somethings even faster/easier.
Unfortunately, the whole fcpx xml to lpx and back workflow is too unreliable... so (just like protools) if one does this a lot and has complex sequences one needs to buy the 3rd party x2pro and use its aaf in and out of LPX. If Apple ever fixes the xml this whole debate would be mute and they'd sell a bunch of LPX to all the fcpx editors and they'd realize with experience how great it is at post as well as music.

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