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25 Jan 2021
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What Thunderbolt 2 RAID External Hard drive-s are using for 4k 31 Jan 2016 17:24 #72796

I've been on the edge of purchasing a maxed out 27" iMac with Retina 5K display for the past year. I held off due to wanting to see what the (late 2015) iMac would bring. So far, I like what it has to offer. I would like to know what Thunderbolt 2 RAID external hard drive/s you are using for 4k video editing? Throughout this past year some of you have replied to some post's that I have made in regards to which RAID to use. RAID 5 seems to be the most popular due to its good throughput and redundancy. I really like the 24TB Pegasus2 R8 from Promise Technology, but it may be a bit overkill for my needs. I do understand that the more drives you have, the faster the throughput will be.
I do like using some effects, chroma keying, transitions, photos, music. My final event edits range from 10 minutes to an hour. I do realize, with the iMac you suffer from fast rendering due to the lack of cores that are found in the Mac Pro's. Rendering times are not important to me simply due to no real deadlines. I normally render overnight.
I realize that RAID 0 shouldn't be an option, but since I always do a backup of the project I'm working on "daily" on another external hard drive, would it make sense to step down for example to a 18TB Pegasus2 R6 in RAID 0 and receive approx. the same speed/throughput? I'd like to add; I want a good workflow without any hiccups/lagging while working on multiple timelines during my editing.
Please give me your thoughts along with what your setup is or may be for 4K video editing with the iMac?
"As always, Thank You in advance for your help and time." Ray

Equipment and formats used:
4K - 60 Mbp/s (30p/25p/24p) Note: There are rumors of an 100 Mbp/s update coming soon.
Go Pro Hero 2 (1080p)


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What Thunderbolt 2 RAID External Hard drive-s are using for 4k 31 Jan 2016 19:36 #72799

Hi Ray,

My assistant Anouchka just got a maxed out new 27" 5K and I agree it's a great machine to work with. Some people think larger is always better but, honestly, the Pegasus2 R6 with RAID5 should be sufficient for the kind of footage you are dealing with.

Using RAID 0 is a remainder of the times where drive arrays were restricted in speed. There is no real need to be using RAID 0 anymore these days. Unless you work with super-high data rates like native Epic Dragon 6K@60fps (138 MBytes/s per stream), or with 4K multicams with lots of angles. And even then there are other and faster drives on the market that do provide redundancy.

Just make sure that you have the i7 processor and lots of RAM and you will see that render and share times on the 5K are really, really fast.

- Ronny

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What Thunderbolt 2 RAID External Hard drive-s are using for 4k 01 Feb 2016 16:44 #72819

I will definitely go for a maxed out iMac simply due to wanting a smooth editing experience. Coming from Windows and Sony Vegas Pro, I can't wait to dive in. As for the Pegasus RAID, it appears the RAID 5 would make the most sense for my editing needs, not to mention (but I will) redundancy. To my understanding, it's not the size of the hard drives that are setup in RAID, but the number of them. In other words, the more drives, better the output. Right now..... I'm really leaning towards the 24TB R8 due to using RAID 5, along with more drives and the small cost between the R6 and R8. Thanks again for your input. As always, I sincerely appreciate your help. Ray

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