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25 Jan 2021
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SHALLOWER - a free plugin to add DoF to a frame 22 Jun 2017 15:07 #88950

// dl the attached file, un-zip and drag the folder into ~/Movies/Motion Templates/Effects //

This is a by-product of some other, major project, so be nice, not a 100% finished ;)

SHALLOWER is a free plugin to apply a Depth of Field to a ‘frame’
= It does NOT apply DoF to the content inside a clip!

After applied to the clip, the clip is slightly rotated (you can change that); and you notice a shallow area which is in focus, the rest blurs in beauty …

With the OSC you move that area.
In the Inspector, the first slider, DoF, defines the width or depth of that ‘in focus’ range.
The next slider sets the blurriness…

In the Inspector, you’ll find controls to rotate the frame around all axis.

Finally, the checkbox allows to change the light from a general, ambient setting to a spot-light which adds more 3-dimensionality to the scene.

In Ambient mode the slider 'Intensity ' has no effect.

Rest is hopefully self-explainable …

WARNING Error in usability:
In case you rotate the frame clockwise, the OSC acts ‘wrong’, to position the DoF area on the left, you have to push it to the right. And vice versa. (Don’t get my head around that… I know why, but not to fix it )

Feel free to use and modify!

… should spend more time reading my in-box… the masters from motionvfx .com offer a much more elaborated and versatile plug-in, FOR FREE:

sorry, haven't seen that before doing mine … :unsure:

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SHALLOWER - a free plugin to add DoF to a frame 27 Jun 2017 10:19 #89020

Thanks for sharing Karsten! no demand yet but we never know...

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