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25 Jan 2021
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POLAMATIC - an easy to use Colour Grading effect 19 Feb 2017 14:22 #85894

// DL, unzip, and put resulting folder into ~/Movies/Motion Templates/Effects //

POLAMATIC is no animation, but a colour grading effect, I have ‘borrowed’ inspiration from several tutorials avail for Photoshop. Basically, contrasts and brightness aka ‘Curves’ are adjusted, and Highlights and Shadows get some tinting.

POLAMATIC comes with a simplified control panel in the Inspector:
The Checkbox switches the White Frame on/off.
Tone defines the colours in use for grading, Age gives the pic a more or less faded impression.

An OnScreenControl allows to position the clip within the mask. When the mask is off, the OSC has no function.

With the Transform tools you can resize and rotate the framed clip.

Post your comments and enhancements here.
POLAMATIC is free to use, but not allowed for sale without permission,

Enjoy Movie Making!

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