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25 Jan 2021
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IllegalBlur / censored reversed 14 Sep 2016 05:50 #79960

ok, for your next investigative inside report, you placed a hidden cam and an agent provocateur - but you have no disclosure of the bad guys nor from the location! What to do, aside booking some big advocats?

Use this free plugin, have look:

After applying the effect, you’ll notice a shape mask. In the Inspector, you can adjust size and feather of the mask, the On-Screen-Controls (no, that’s no headset on Ronny’s head LOL) allow to move and rotate the shape.

Use the position-parameters (red arrow) to keyframe the mask.

Two sliders allow to set blur and desaturation of the surrounding scene.

To install, dl the attached file, unzip, double-click to install.

Enjoy movie making!

PS: … my lawyer told me, to mention: respect local rights when recording and publishing any audio and pictures!

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