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25 Jan 2021
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T900 effect 10 Jan 2016 11:46 #72069

// ks_T900 comes afetr dl into Movies/Motion Template/Effects, ks_T900intro too, t900puddle into Generators //

Hi everybody,
a new plug-in… uhm, well a bundle of ‚toys‘ today:

The question was:
How to mimic that ‚liquid terminator‘ effect - only with Motion 5 and as a plug-in for FCPX?

Aaand easy to use (you remember: school kids are my ‚customers‘)?

So, I came up with the idea, to manipulate a green-screen recording; a bit mind-boggling, ‚cause the effect shouldn’t replace the green, but the person in front of the green. And the green has to be kept untouched, to use it for chroma-key.

Here is my result - okayyy, not that shiny chromey as the original, not 3D… but at last, easy to use.

Additionally, there’s a puddle-generator, watch the video what it’s for.
And the T900-Intro effect, with that circle and bulge effect….

Wasn't the T-1000 the liquid one?
… sorry to say, that is above my skils.

Feel free to modify the plugins to your needs, post your improvements here.

Have fun movie making!

PS: yep, the green screen in this demo is … on a sunny day it’s perfect!!!!
PPS: my cable I need for recording Allison was gone mid-production… yep, my VO leaves room fo rimprovement…

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File Name: ks_T900.zip
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File Name: t900puddle.zip
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File Name: ks_T900Intro.zip
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T900 effect 10 Jan 2016 14:39 #72071

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Very well done, and used more than you'd think. I have had a free tutorial on building this in Motion up for awhile. Never thought about making it a plugin. In my old tutorial I re-create the James Bond movie intros that used this with girls dancing and jumping and such.

Good work Karsten!

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T900 effect 11 Jan 2016 05:36 #72079

Glad you like it, Ben!

… Never thought about making it a plugin. …

I'm not familiar if any other 'video processor package' offers this feature, but 'makin' an app plugin' is one of the outstanding features of FCPX for me! When I read pages of text on other boards, trying to expain how to accomplish this or that, compared our 'made you a plugin' procedure - awesome.

And I have to admit:
I'm standing on giants shoulders = love to 'borrow' ideas from Photoshop workflows, e.g. for my
www.fcp.co/forum/film-looks-effects/24677-fakehdr or

... ;)

T900 is made by myself ... LOL :lol:

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