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25 Jan 2021
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3 Way Color Comparison Tool 14 Aug 2013 14:21 #29904

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  • "Don't let evil conquer you, but conquer evil by doing good." - Romans 12:21 I'm a guy. 'nuff said And I'm getting a lot of nicknames lately so I figure I'd post'em =) Beelagon, Kris, E-Dawg, Balloonasaur, Prince Eric, Edward (also Prince Edward), Sm
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Here's a little plugin I made to help out with comparing shots and adjusting your color accordingly. I got the idea from Autodesk Smoke, which has a feature similar to this built right in. Let me know what you guys think of it, and whether it can/should be improved!


1. Place and stretch the title across your entire storyline.

2. Designate the left and right references to the clips you want to compare.

3. Scrub the playhead to change the positioning of the middle reference.

4. Disable the title effect (shortcut "V") when finished comparing.


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3 Way Color Comparison Tool 15 Aug 2013 04:15 #29938

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Creating history....one edit at a time !

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3 Way Color Comparison Tool 15 Aug 2013 10:00 #29956

There have been 2 or 3 similar tools shown up. I have messed around with a number of ideas to make it happen and my, current, conclusion is that drop zones should be left alone for this purpose until they work properly when populated from the timeline.

The best I got was to use a transition to display the references directly from the timeline using "Timeline Pin" drop zones, but even then it was a little cumbersome to use due to the limitations with how transitions operate in FCPX.

The way colour adjustments apply to "Effects" templates in FCPX causes problems with this type of utility, so I think you went the best route (if timeline drop zone population worked) in choosing a "Title" template.

Now if only "Timeline Pin" drop zones worked in titles and not just transitions then all would be answered. I previously assumed they did and made much the same template you have here, more layout options though, to find last minute they weren't available for titles.

I have found my favourite way to do this is to create an event titled "Still Store" then I export individual frames, import them into the event and display them in the event viewer for comparison. It's not ideal but better than any template I got working, and best of all it allows for 2 completely separate clean waveform monitors.

I also have a feeling that by the time Apple fix the drop zone issue they will also have a built in solution for the purpose.

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