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25 Jan 2021
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FCP-Compressor Batch Export Error Bug 22 Feb 2022 09:26 #119136

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There's a bad batch export bug with Final Cut Pro, Compressor and macOS Monterey.


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FCP-Compressor Batch Export Error Bug 22 Feb 2022 18:30 #119137

Hi, Peter. I only see this error when I try to Send to Compressor from Final Cut Pro. I've been able to successfully avoid the error by using a Compressor Setting as a Share Destination instead of Send to Compressor.

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FCP-Compressor Batch Export Error Bug 22 Feb 2022 18:38 #119138

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Peter, thank you for giving visibility to this problem. On 24 Jan I discussed this with Pro Apps support and demonstrated it during a remote support session. I then filed the bug using the Mac Feedback Assistant app (what replaced the previous Bug Reporter app used by developers). See below.

Sometimes an OS update can expose a bug in an app, and it can be ambiguous whether the system or app layer is responsible. However this bug is in a very common procedural path. My former product manager would have had our hides if we allowed something like this to ship.

Title: Compressor transcode hangs followed by error -9074 on x86 Monterey if FCP batch contains titles

Description: If a new batch is sent from FCP to Compressor which contains a clip with titles, then that batch is started using a built-in export preset such as ProRes 422, if on x86 Monterey, Compressor will frequently hang during transcoding then after about 4 min 30 sec system error -9074 is raised. This is unique to x86 and Monterey and does not happen on Apple Silicon or x86 prior to Monterey. The failure is consistently reproducible and persists after FCP and Compressor are removed and re-installed and if using a new MacOS user account.

Reproduced using FCP 10.6.1 and FCP 10.5.3, Compressor 4.6 and 4.5.4 on x86 Monterey 12.1.

Spindump indicates the failure happens within about 1/10th CPU sec and most threads get stuck on synchronization objects.

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FCP-Compressor Batch Export Error Bug 24 Feb 2022 11:53 #119175

Its been driving me mad.. I only export single items and since November compressor' is unusable with the 9074 error problem.. I have even tried exporting a basic clip with no titles and get the same .. Thanks for highlighting this issue and hopefully apple repair it quickly
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