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25 Jan 2021
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FCP X Timeline Moving and adjusting out of place 04 Jan 2019 01:39 #98393

Hello all, I have just recently moved to FCPX after FCP 7 and working in Premiere occasionally. When I need to do quick simple edits, I find FCP X amazing.

But when I need to tackle on more difficult projects that require exact positioning, altering sounds, creating sound effects from other takes, cutting and shortening audio from takes and covering that with video cutaways, I find that FCP X can be confusing to newcomers.

Often I find that if I detach the audio or put a new video clip above the timeline and shorten something out, or delete a bladed clip that I have marked on the timeline, many other things would disappear with it too, or everything else would be deleted with me pressing the delete key on a short clip - yet they don't seem to be linked or connected in any way. Or that I trim a certain clip by a couple of frames and all of a sudden many audio files after that clip are out of synch, yet many other are still left in the same position intact. I still don't quite understand how to make each clip and audio to work as a separate agent in FCP X - does this have to do with the 'magnetic' timeline?

I have attached a screenshot of my timeline. I would love to find a tutorial video that explains how to work in the timeline efficiently and perhaps explaining the roles of sequences, storyline, clips and how to make them stick to one place just like FCP 7 used to do.

Thank you

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FCP X Timeline Moving and adjusting out of place 04 Jan 2019 05:02 #98394

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It would seem that you have clips connected to the storyline which are being deleted when main storyline clips which they are connected to are deleted. You should consider learning a bit more about the magnetic timeline and how editing is done in FCPX (which is different than in FCP7). This article may help : support.apple.com/kb/PH12538?locale=en_US
Connected clips will attach to the primary storyline by default at the beginning of that clip, which means if you delete the clip in the storyline beyond the connected clip's connection point, you will effectively delete the connected clip. You can move a clips connection point by selecting it and clicking (while holding Option and Command keys) to position it wherever you want. Alternatively, trimming a clip while holding the accent (grave) key will preserve the connection point of a clip above it, but the clip will still respect the properties of the magnetic timeline.
You can google FCPX tutorials and you will find many free ones as well as very useful paid tutorials from Ripple Training and other developers that will give you basic and advanced understanding of FCPX editing. FCPX also contains it's own user manual via the top help button that can answer the questions you have.
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