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25 Jan 2021
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maybe someone find use for this… /fun with bump maps 09 Oct 2016 10:54 #80595

While experimenting with … 3D-ish effects, I stumbled upon the BUMP MAP filter in Motion5....

came finally up with this master-piece of animation ;)

How's that done? Simple:
in a paint app (here: Pixelmator) I made me a very simple bump-map, mainly a radial gradient from the nose as center = most close part of face to camera… Eyes dark=back, chin & forehead white=front... cold be more elaborated. Done in a minute.

Then, in M5, I applied the bump-map-filter to the photo, and as map my 'skull paint'...

To animate, I varied the Direction parameter ...

Fun, I think :woohoo:
… nothing new nor special, but maybe someone gets inspired, find a more useful use for that…
I assume, the bump-map filter is one of the underrated filters in M5 arsenal .......

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